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Tune in to take the lead on fixed ops success. Join us as we accelerate best practices for transforming your dealership’s parts, service and collision center operations. Featuring unfiltered advice from industry insiders, each weekly episode focuses on strategic solutions to boost efficiency, maximize profits and steer your business to excellence. Whether you’re stuck in a slump or sailing smoothly, Driving Insights delivers actionable insights for getting into the fast lane. Put the pedal to the metal on reaching your fixed ops potential by subscribing today!

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Episode 01

The Power of Convenience

On this episode of Driving Insights, we explore how dealerships can revolutionize their service departments to cater to today’s time-crunched customers. Discover strategies to streamline operations, from promise times and customer updates to express lanes and fast service options. Learn how prioritizing convenience can boost customer satisfaction, foster loyalty, and drive profits through increased retention and service drive traffic. Uncover the transformative changes that can help your dealership deliver the convenient, customer-centric experience modern drivers expect – and gain a lasting competitive edge.

Episode 02

Thinking Outside the Rim

On this episode of Driving Insights, we reveal how selling tires transforms dealership service centers from revenue leakage to customer loyalty engines. Learn to upgrade bays, train staff, and promote offerings capturing profit potential sitting right under your nose. Quit sending sales out the door and make simple pivots establishing your dealer as the convenient one-stop shop drivers desperately need.

Episode 03

Crunching Hours Not Techs

On this episode of Driving Insights, we explore how dealerships can strategically extend service hours to boost customer convenience without overworking staff. Discover data-driven approaches to assess capacity, survey preferences, and design creative schedules that drive retention. Gain best practices for rolling out and refining extended hours to stay competitive. If you want to grow service business through flexibility, don’t miss this episode!

Episode 04

Flat Rate or Flat Wrong?

On this episode of Driving Insights, we delve into the critical issue of technician compensation in the automotive service industry. We explore how the prevalent flat rate pay model contributes to high turnover, low morale, and decreased service quality, and discuss alternative compensation structures that can better support technician retention and motivation. Join us as we share insights on creating a more sustainable and equitable pay system that benefits both technicians and shop owners alike.

Episode 05

Customer Retention Forges Unbreakable Bonds

On this episode of Driving Insights we uncover the secret weapon for dealership growth that’s been hiding in plain sight – your existing customers! Discover why prioritizing customer retention and transforming satisfied buyers into vocal brand advocates can accelerate business more than chasing down new prospects. We’ll dive into eye-opening statistics on the revenue-boosting ripple effect of referrals and repeat purchases from loyal clients. Plus, we share proven strategies to start strengthening customer relationships, experiences and enthusiasm starting today.

Episode 06

Menu Please!

On this episode of Driving Insights we explore a game-changing strategy for automotive service departments: maintenance menus. Just like a well-crafted restaurant menu whets your appetite, service menus give customers a tantalizing taste of transparency. We’ll dish out practical tips on how these menus can inform and empower your customers, supercharge their trust, and keep them coming back for more. Discover how serving up a side of clarity with every service can drive your shop to new heights of efficiency, consistency, and profitability. Join us as we reveal the recipe for success that’s been right under your nose at every restaurant visit. Trust us, this is one menu you won’t want to miss!

Episode 07

Shifting Express Service into High Gear

On this episode of Driving Insights, we explore how to transform your Express Service department into a profit-generating powerhouse. Discover the “Big 3” concepts of Quality, Time, and Sales, and learn proven strategies for optimizing each area to drive revenue growth and deliver exceptional customer experiences. Tune in now and get ready to revolutionize your dealership’s success!