Repair Order Evaluations Blossom Into Opportunities with ROSE+

financial visibility of your fixed operations at a click of a button!

ROSE+ is  a highly detailed Repair Order survey and evaluation software platform that will allow you to see all aspects of your financial data.

Our cutting-edge software seamlessly integrates with major DMS systems to deliver a 360-degree analytical view of your service department. Get real-time insights into the metrics that matter with ROSE+.

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Remember when service departments relied on antiquated paper surveys and endless spreadsheets? Those days are gone thanks to ROSE+, the revolutionary service management software. ROSE+ provides service departments with an unparalleled 360-degree view of operations and unprecedented insights.

ROSE+ integrates seamlessly with major DMS systems and dives deep into repair orders, surfacing hidden sales opportunities, exposing excessive discounting, and unveiling customer trends previously unseen. Forget one-line summaries and guesses. ROSE+ empowers service managers with real-time tracking of Effective Labor Rate, powerful filtering to analyze results by date, service advisor, or technician, and secure report sharing capabilities inside and outside the dealership walls.

Think of ROSE+ as the ultimate service department power tool, taking your business from the days of paper and spreadsheets into a new era of insight and efficiency. This revolutionary software will change your service department once again.

Elevating Service Advisor Excellence

Service Advisors make or break the customer experience. Their ability to build trust and meet vehicle owner needs is crucial for service department success. Yet few dealerships have the tools to accurately measure Service Advisor strengths and identify development opportunities—until now.

Our cutting-edge software provides dealership managers with unprecedented visibility into individual Service Advisor performance across key metrics like repair order close rate, average RO value, and more. Easily filter data to spotlight advisors exceeding expectations as well as those needing additional mentoring. Share user-friendly tracked metrics with service teams to celebrate wins, motivate continuous improvement, and encourage healthy competition.

With data-driven insights into Service Advisor performance, dealerships can maximize customer loyalty and lifecycle value. Let us equip your service management team with the visibility they need to cultivate service advisors that both customers and the business admire.


Decisions Driven by Unparalleled Insight

Making strategic decisions without data is like navigating unknown waters without a map. It is guessing when you could be certain.

Our service analytics solution equips managers with visibility into every aspect of operations. Finally see your department’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities through illuminating data. Track real-time metrics from labor efficiency to individual advisor performance. Filter by date, vehicle, repair code, and more for targeted analysis. With invaluable visibility via dynamic dashboards and configurable reporting, decisions become clear and confidence replaces uncertainty.

Gone are the days of guesstimates and gut feelings. Our powerful yet intuitive service analytics platform puts insights into focus so you can optimize operations, maximize efficiency, and elevate customer loyalty. So rely on more than intuition. Let data guide your dealership to new heights.


Precision Advertising Through Location Analytics

Advertising drives customers, yet most service departments lack visibility into campaign performance. Which channels actually deliver ROI? Where do existing customers originate? Without answers, ad budgets get wasted.

Our location-based analytics provide insights into your service customers’ geographic origins down to the zip code. Finally see where current business originates to optimize digital and traditional advertising and reinforce fruitful channels.

Savvy targeting of high-potential neighbors through informed ad decisions maximizes spend by reaching the right audiences. Our actionable analytics prevent wasted marketing dollars by revealing existing customer locations and ideal prospect zones for conquesting. Optimize advertising ROI with surgical precision and shift spend to channels and territories delivering results. Our insights make your ad budget work harder so you can stop guessing and start growing.


Spotting Hidden Opportunities in One-Item Repair Orders

Missed add-on sales hurt your bottom line, but digging through repair orders to uncover missed opportunities takes precious time. No more. ROSE+ instantly flags one-item repair orders so you can spot revenue hiding in plain sight.

With a single keystroke, quickly filter full repair order history and pinpoint jobs focused on just one service. Rapidly identify oil changes, brake jobs, and other single repairs where advisors overlooked chances to educate customers and earn their trust through additional recommendations.

Armed with visibility into each one-item transaction, service managers can coach advisors to boost ticket averages and build customer lifetime value. Quickly turning insights into action optimizes operations, lifts revenue, and drives customer satisfaction. One-click repair order analysis gives your service team an advantage to deliver results.


Optimizing Prices for Maximum Profit

Finding the optimal price is key for profitability, but testing strategies is difficult without data. Managers end up guessing instead of maximizing revenue. No more fumbling in the dark.

Our analytics solution delivers unprecedented visibility into the impact of pricing adjustments on key metrics like profit, RO count, customer visits, and market position. Easily test different pricing scenarios to predict the revenue tradeoffs of increases or decreases. See exactly how labor rate, part margins, discounting and more shape the bottom line. Arm leadership with data-backed recommendations to find pricing sweet spots.

Top dealers optimize prices for market conditions and business goals, whether prioritizing volume, profit, or market share. Our easy-to-use analytics transforms pricing guesswork into confident, optimized decisions. Apply perspectives once reserved for national chains, and build competitive advantage. With our platform, pricing tests reveal opportunities so you can take the guesswork out of profit growth.


Driving Performance Excellence Through Real-Time Insights

Motivating teams without clear goals or visibility into performance is nearly impossible. Success hinges on alignment, yet service departments often lack the metrics and visibility needed to establish objectives, track accountability, and motivate continuous improvement.

Our real-time analytics solution provides unprecedented visibility into individual and team productivity such as effective labor rate, repair order closure rates and more. Easily establish data-driven performance goals aligned to business objectives. Gain transparency to encourage friendly competition and empower management through objective visibly into employee progress.

With flexible and interactive reporting, quickly filter results by advisor, technician, date and other dimensions to spotlight successes and opportunities. Share actionable insights through user-friendly dashboards to keep teams motivated and continuously improving.

Our powerful analytics transform vague notions of good performance into objective, real-time visibility. This equips your service department to establish aligned goals, manage progress, and drive better results through data.


rose+ is the superior choice for your repair order survey and evaluations software!