Repair Order Evaluations Blossom Into Opportunities with ROSE+

financial visibility of your fixed operations at a click of a button!

ROSE+ is  a highly detailed Repair Order survey and evaluation software platform that will allow you to see all aspects of your financial data.

Our cutting-edge software seamlessly integrates with major DMS systems to deliver a 360-degree analytical view of your service department. Get real-time insights into the metrics that matter with ROSE+.

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We believe in empowering service departments with revolutionary software that provides an unparalleled 360-degree view of operations and unprecedented insights, enabling them to uncover hidden opportunities, optimize performance, and deliver exceptional customer experiences in the new era of automotive service management.

Elevating Service Advisor Excellence

  • Provides visibility into Service Advisor performance across key metrics
  • Measures individual advisor KPIs like repair order close rate and average RO value
  • Compares advisor performance to identify top performers and those needing additional training
  • Filters data to identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement
  • Shares user-friendly metrics with teams via dynamic dashboards
  • Delivers data-driven insights to mentor and coach advisors on areas of development
  • Enables setting performance goals and tracking advisor progress over time
  • Equips managers with tools to develop Service Advisors admired by customers and the business
  • Supports data-informed decisions to optimize Service Advisor hiring and training
  • Helps retain top talent by recognizing and rewarding high performing advisors

Decisions Driven by Unparalleled Insight

  • Equips managers with visibility into every aspect of service operations
  • Provides illuminating data on department strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities
  • Tracks real-time metrics from labor efficiency to individual advisor performance
  • Filters data by date, vehicle, repair code, and more for targeted analysis
  • Delivers invaluable visibility via dynamic dashboards and configurable reporting
  • Offers a powerful yet intuitive service analytics platform
  • Puts actionable insights into focus to optimize operations and maximize efficiency
  • Enables data-guided decision making to elevate customer loyalty and dealership performance

Precision Advertising Through Location Analytics

  • Provides insights into service customers’ geographic origins down to the zip code
  • Shows where current business originates to optimize digital and traditional advertising
  • Identifies fruitful channels to reinforce with marketing spend
  • Enables savvy targeting of high-potential neighbors through informed ad decisions
  • Maximizes ad spend by reaching the right audiences
  • Reveals existing customer locations and ideal prospect zones for conquesting
  • Prevents wasted marketing dollars with actionable analytics
  • Optimizes advertising ROI with surgical precision
  • Guides shifting spend to channels and territories delivering results
  • Makes ad budgets work harder with data-driven insights

Spotting Hidden Opportunities in One-Item Repair Orders

  • Instantly flags one-item repair orders to spot missed add-on sales opportunities
  • Quickly filters full repair order history with a single keystroke
  • Pinpoints jobs focused on just one service like oil changes or brake jobs
  • Identifies single repairs where advisors overlooked chances for additional recommendations
  • Provides visibility into each one-item transaction
  • Enables service managers to coach advisors on boosting ticket averages
  • Helps build customer lifetime value through add-on sales
  • Optimizes operations, lifts revenue, and drives customer satisfaction
  • Gives service teams an advantage with one-click repair order analysis

Optimizing Prices for Maximum Profit

  • Delivers unprecedented visibility into the impact of pricing adjustments
  • Shows how changes affect profit, RO count, customer visits, and market position
  • Enables easy testing of different pricing scenarios
  • Predicts revenue tradeoffs of price increases or decreases
  • Reveals exactly how labor rate, part margins, and discounting shape the bottom line
  • Arms leadership with data-backed pricing recommendations
  • Finds pricing sweet spots to optimize for market conditions and business goals
  • Prioritizes volume, profit, or market share based on dealer objectives
  • Transforms pricing guesswork into confident, optimized decisions with easy-to-use analytics
  • Applies perspectives once reserved for national chains to build competitive advantage
  • Reveals opportunities through pricing tests to take the guesswork out of profit growth

Driving Performance Excellence Through Real-Time Insights

  • Provides unprecedented visibility into individual and team productivity metrics
  • Tracks key performance indicators like effective labor rate and repair order closure rates
  • Enables easy establishment of data-driven performance goals aligned to business objectives
  • Offers transparency to encourage friendly competition among team members
  • Empowers management with objective visibility into employee progress
  • Delivers flexible and interactive reporting to quickly filter results by various dimensions
  • Spotlights successes and opportunities by advisor, technician, date, and more
  • Shares actionable insights through user-friendly dashboards
  • Keeps teams motivated and continuously improving with real-time data
  • Transforms vague notions of good performance into objective, real-time visibility
  • Equips service departments to establish aligned goals and manage progress
  • Drives better results through data-based performance management

rose+ is the superior choice for your repair order survey and evaluations software!