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We work with dealership, OEM, and corporate clients to enhance service, parts, and collision center operations. With extensive experience, we offer proven techniques customized to your unique needs. We’re dedicated to achieving results, whether your service team is a small or a large operation.

Your success is always our top priority!

In-Dealership Consulting

Embark on a transformative journey with us as we kickstart your path to enhanced profitability. Our comprehensive fixed operations analysis and executive assessment is not just any visit – it’s a four-day intensive experience led by an M5 Performance Coach right at your dealership. Our laser-focused approach targets areas such as sales, gross profit, process optimization, customer retention, and quality control. We’re not just about improvement; we’re here to safeguard your assets and minimize liabilities. The culmination of this journey is a fully customized improvement prescription presented by your M5 Performance Coach during an exit meeting on the final day. Get ready for a detailed review of your opportunities and actionable strategies to elevate your dealership’s net profit. We don’t just promise change; we provide a clear roadmap to success with detailed financial projections.

Your journey to profitability starts here with M5!

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Service Advisor Training

At M5, we believe that “Customer Experience Management” is the linchpin of your business’s growth. If your advisors focus solely on selling without considering the customer experience, your long-term success may be at risk. We understand that a sensitive approach to meeting your customers’ needs and desires is critical to sustaining success. Our “Customer Experience Management” framework encompasses six vital components. From meticulously managing customer expectations during the Sales to Service “Hand Off” to refining Customer Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication, we ensure that every interaction enhances your customer’s journey. Our Point-of-Sales Selling strategies don’t just prioritize sales; they’re designed to enrich the customer experience with empathy, convenience, and integrity. We go even further by offering guidance on Post Diagnostic Selling and implementing a dynamic Active Delivery. This ensures that every step of your customer’s experience with your dealership is nothing short of exceptional.

Trust us to enhance your customer relationships and propel your business to new heights!

Interactive Management Coaching

Unlock the full potential of your fixed operations management staff with M5’s comprehensive training and development programs. From fundamental skills development to advanced coaching, we cover every aspect of your service, parts, and body shop operations. Our instructor-led workshops offer a wide range of offerings, focusing on key areas such as financial management, logistical strategies, personnel training, and merchandising and marketing. With a keen eye on financial planning and tactical techniques, we help you structure your operations for profitability, reduce expenses, and maximize net profit. Our logistical strategies revamp your service department, providing fresh perspectives on advanced logistical structures and internal production management. Personnel management is another forte, with a focus on resource utilization, pay plans, job guidelines, and organizational structures. Plus, our expertise extends to enhancing your merchandising and marketing efforts, building customer retention, and so much more.

Elevate your team’s skills and watch your operations thrive with M5’s training and coaching!

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Parts Management Training

Elevate your parts management with M5’s intensive training program. Over four insightful days, our program delves into every aspect of effective parts management, ensuring that you’re equipped with the tools and knowledge you need to succeed. From an executive management review to a comprehensive facility tour, our program covers it all. We perform a statistical and financial review, examine parts department management reports, and address inventory obsolescence. Interviews with parts staff and service managers provide valuable insights. Plus, we hold statistical review meetings and tackle operational reviews. Your computer settings, wholesale business philosophy, and pricing policies are also thoroughly reviewed. The program culminates in an exit meeting where we present observations, recommendations, and additional statistics to your team.

We’re dedicated to empowering you for lasting success!

Instructor-Led Training Sessions

Discover the power of M5’s expert-led training programs. Our seasoned speakers and instructors boast years of experience in providing top-notch training for management and dealership personnel. Whether you’re seeking fundamental 101-level training or advanced expert-level guidance, we’ve got you covered. Our training is delivered by Subject Matter Expert (SME) Trainers and Peer-Experienced Leaders. We cover every aspect, from program development and research to material design and post-training analysis. Our comprehensive approach includes testing and certification to ensure mastery of the subject. We even offer T-3 Training and Train the Trainer Led Sessions, making learning and development an integral part of your team’s success.

Join us in your journey to expertise and excellence!

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Performance Monitoring

Unleash the power of data-driven insights with M5’s Performance Monitoring service. Our team of subject matter experts provides a monthly analysis of your performance, tailored to your specific needs and benchmarks. We closely track key performance indicators in traditional parts, service, and body shop operations, allowing you to react swiftly to even the slightest changes in performance. What sets us apart is that we use your store’s data, eliminating the need for remote access to your dealer computer interface. We value your data privacy and ensure that it remains exclusively yours, never shared or compromised.

Harness the potential of your data with M5 and drive your business forward with confidence!


M5 Profit Groups

Join our dynamic community of industry leaders with M5’s innovative Profit Groups™. These groups bring together managers who are eager to propel their dealerships to new heights. It’s a platform for shared growth, where participants challenge each other, set and achieve goals, and engage in idea brainstorming. The environment is one of total honesty, respect, and compassion, where each member acts as a catalyst for growth, a devil’s advocate, and a supportive colleague. What sets Profit Groups™ apart is that the members themselves develop their training and learning curriculums, allowing them to choose the topics that matter most to them. This personalization leads to significantly improved retention and actionable results.

Embrace the opportunity to learn, grow, and excel with the support of like-minded peers in M5’s Profit Groups™.


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Empower your dealership with ROSE+, our cutting-edge web-based software that revolutionizes repair order analysis. This powerful tool identifies key opportunities for boosting sales, identifies excessive discounting, and pinpoints areas such as one-liners and customer demographics. With real-time data on labor types and a deep dive into lines that fall below goals, ROSE+ provides a comprehensive view of your operations. Launched in 2014, this platform expedites the Repair Order Survey and Evaluation process, making it exponentially faster. Filter results by date, ASM, and techs for a tailored experience. Reports can be securely shared or exported for seamless integration with your preferred desktop software.

ROSE+ is your key to unlocking the potential of your dealership’s repair orders!

M5 University

Welcome to M5 University, where we believe in the power of education. We saw a crucial need in the automotive industry for comprehensive training that covers every aspect of dealership operations. Whether you’re looking to enhance your cashiers’ customer interactions, provide expert training for service advisors, or transform your porters into true brand ambassadors, we’ve got you covered. Our online training programs are designed to ensure that your team not only learns but excels. We understand the importance of testing and certification, and we offer a structured curriculum that includes evaluations. Our goal is to help your team become the best they can be, from cashiers to porters and beyond.

Join M5 University and invest in building a stronger, more knowledgeable workforce!


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