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    Our personal experience in coaching fixed operations professionals gives us unique perspective. We work with service operations that range from 3 technicians to more than 150 technicians. Our client list spans the industry from individually owned dealerships to large, private, and publicly held operations. We serve as project managers with most of the major OEM brands.

    We Have Always Done It That Way

    Of all the phrases, excuses, and reasons for not making a change that I hear at the businesses that I have visited, the most common of all is “Because we have always done it that way”. The automotive industry, as well as most other industries, have been plagued by the attitude of continuing to do things the way they have always been done. Not that there is anything wrong with the way that some things… We Have Always Done It That Way

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    The Next Level

    We have been blessed to have worked with stores during our collective automotive careers that were managed by brilliant businessman, with strict conviction and foresight into our industry. We gather these experiences and create ways to accomplish your goals. One of the greatest lessons learned was simply “You cannot manage what you do not measure”. That being said, let’s think of a few things we can measure. Effective labor rates (ELR), hours per repair order… The Next Level

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    Commitment of a Service Department

    In times like these I often think of our great nation’s history, and of how lucky we are to call this country home. On the 4th of July in 1776, fifty-six brave men committed to a cause they believed in – they signed their names to a piece of paper and in doing so committed an act of high treason against the British crown. Fifty-six valiant acts, all of them punishable by death. Each man… Commitment of a Service Department

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