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M5 Testimonials

Our Clients Real Stories, Real Success, and Real Work

Jeff Glanzman

General Manager – Glanzmann Subaru

 “M5 has transformed our service department, developing higher-quality technicians, improving our fixed rate the first time, and boosting overall satisfaction with repairs. The focus on specific metrics has positively impacted shop morale and the entire team.”

Mandy Housley

Service Manager – CMA’s Subaru of Winchester

“We’ve always been a team, but the team has just gotten closer. They’re involved in all of our decisions. It’s not about what I want, it’s not about what the advisors want, or what the technician wants. It’s about what we want and what’s going to benefit us.”

Jake Wheeler

Service Manager – Adventure Subaru

“Just having this consulting group come in has been absolutely amazing. The natural environment that I get to experience on my day-to-day basis, and then they get to come in and teach me all kinds of new stuff. It’s definitely been something worth my time.”

Charley Smith

Service Manager – Jenkins Subaru

“With M5 and their processes, it’s just made it a lot more manageable than it would have been otherwise. It’s been one of if not the best thing we’ve ever done within the department, for sure, for sure.”

Jordy Coho

General Manager – Beyer Subaru

“We’ve been employed with M5 for roughly 10 months and have seen a marked improvement in our OLAP, net promoter, and shop hours — all the metrics that are important to us. One thing that jumped out would be our hours turn; we were averaging roughly 1500 hours a month, and the last three months have been close to 2400. So, significant improvement right there.”

Matt Jenkins

General Manager – Jenkins Subaru-Hyundai

“I’m still here, and I’m still smiling. It still works. I’m four years actually really, really happy with it. I’ve had two different guys come in, both haven’t been absolute rock stars. They’ve helped us out literally from the ground up.”

Billy Sadtler

General Manager – Annapolis Subaru

“With M5, we’ve seen tangible results – servicing more cars, generating more labor hours, and making more money. The positive impact on morale and employee retention is evident. They’ve been instrumental in redefining our policies and procedures for a more enjoyable work environment.”

Shelly Gray

General Manager – Thomas Cumberland

“The biggest positive impact that we’ve had through this entire M5 process is getting everybody on the same page in communication, starting from scratch with looking at our current hours, our current productivity, and really trying to set down and put a plan together for what our dealership needed.”

John Petersavage

General Manager – Tucson Subaru

“So working with M5 for the last five plus years has just ultimately been a relationship. We consider them more of a partner and a resource, a tool that we can lean on and use whenever we’re deciding we need to expand, grow, change directions.”

Greg McVicker

General Manager – Budd Baer Collision Center

“We’ve had a significant increase in sales volume through the focus we’ve put on the production process. We’ve really driven about a 20% increase in the months that we’ve put this process in place over the previous year. We’ve also seen a huge improvement in technician efficiency without doing a lot more than just communicating a lot better and having these structures in place.”

Gus Hoelscher

Service Director – Austin Subaru

“Working with M5 has been a fantastic experience. The team’s expertise and ability to make positive changes in the shop are truly impressive. They’ve helped us increase our capacity, improve morale, and achieve better results overall. It’s a pleasure to have them here, and the fun and productive atmosphere during their visits make the process enjoyable.”

Cory Yerger

Service Manager – Steve Moyer Subaru

“I can say that I have learned more in the last two weeks that they’ve been out with us than I’ve probably learned in the last five years doing this. Overall, it’s just been very informative, and I hope to continue.”

Tony Ochoa

Service Manager – Austin Subaru

“We have pretty much doubled our production, almost immediate changes, and the team seemed more positive as well. Because we’ve had some people promoted to leadership positions that weren’t in that position, so now they have a little more responsibility, so it gives them a little bit more control over the dealership, and they feel more homely.”

Keith Roach

Fixed Ops Director – Thomas Cumberland

“We try to do everything the wrong way, but it’s the way that we lived. It’s the way we’d always done it, and we didn’t realize it was that bad until we switched. The switch was night and day difference; the chaos stopped.”

Scott Gregg

Service Director – Tucson Subaru

“If anybody’s thinking about having M5 in, I would highly recommend you do it because they are well worth it. They will help you grow, expand, and improve your profitability, productivity, and overall customer and internal customer satisfaction.”

Mark Dalton

General Manager – Terry Subaru

“The experience with M5, the way they came in and sat down, and it was very impressive because he did employee interviews. He spent two days interviewing our employees, and I was curious what the purpose of that was, but it was perfectly clear once he did that because he sat down with me and my service manager, gave us a report on the feedback that he’s getting, positive and negative, and it was very productive to be able to then make changes.”

Stephanie Morales

Service Manager – Glanzmann Subaru

“He’s like he’s part of us. You don’t even realize he’s, you know, part of M5. He comes in, he jumps right in. You want someone who works with you. He’s helped revamp our whole entire shop and our service drive, working with us one-on-one. It’s been great.”

Cory Black

Parts Manager – Steve Moyer Subaru

“The confidence they bring behind the program is supporting us and our plans. It’s been good to get a stronger mentality of togetherness. Having a centralized program gives us the skills to move forward. It’s just been good for us in the store.”

Burke O'Malley

Retailer at Subaru (formerly) – Winchester

“We see improved profitability. We have seen tremendous increases in not only our revenue but also our margin as well. The third great result is our team and employee satisfaction, which has gone off the charts with this experience for us. A fourth one is that we have got tremendous customer loyalty and customer convenience because of M5 and the processes they put in place.”

Richard Dorschel

President (formerly) – Dorschel Automotive Group

“We can take a drive in any time of the day, six days a week. We turn no one down under any circumstances, regardless of what they think they need. We have created the ability to do diagnostics on the run.”

Bobby Williams

General Manager – CMA’s Subaru of Winchester

“Our journey with M5 has been transformative. Each visit brought new insights and opportunities for improvement. Through the implementation of new programs and processes, we witnessed substantial growth in efficiency and customer satisfaction. The results have been phenomenal, reflected not only in increased productivity but also in the recognition and rewards our team received.”

Joseph Wolak

DPSM – Subaru Distributors Corp. – District 4

 “The implementation plan and our consultant from M5, have exceeded my expectations. The retailer, initially in significant losses, is now projected to make a profit of at least 300,000 dollars this year.”

"M5 is an extra pair of hands and extra brainpower to get stuff done that I just can't get done on my own. There's just never enough hours in a day, and M5 is helping me get done what I need to do."