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Remember ROSE? It’s blooming again! Introducing ROSE+, the next evolution in repair order analysis.

Remember the days of paper surveys and endless spreadsheets? ROSE changed the game, and now ROSE+ is here to revolutionize your service department once again.

Think of ROSE+ as your ultimate service department power tool. It dives deep into your repair orders, unearthing hidden sales opportunities, pinpointing discounting excesses, and revealing customer trends you never knew existed.

Forget one-liners and guesswork. ROSE+ gives you a 360° view of your service department, from menu sales and work mix to individual Service Advisor and technician performance. Track Effective Labor Rate in real-time, filter results by date, Service Advisor, or technician, and share reports securely with anyone, inside or outside your dealership.

ROSE+ seamlessly integrates with your existing DMS (CDK, Tekion, DealerTrack, PBS, and more), making data import a breeze. And with powerful exporting features, you can easily analyze data in your favorite desktop software.

This isn’t just an upgrade, it’s a transformation. ROSE+ empowers you to:

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in Service Advisor performance
  • Make data-driven decisions with confidence.
  • Maximize advertising expense by identifying where your customers are coming from locally
  • Identify one item repair orders with a keystroke
  • Test the impact of different pricing strategies and revisions
  • Establish and manage objective performance in real time

Ready to unlock the full potential of your repair orders?

Upgrade to ROSE+ today and watch your service department bloom!


Analyze your most important KPI trends with M5 Arrow. Easily see which direction your department is going.


Easily breakdown RO data with sensible charts, forecasting tools, and visualizations to see the health of your department.

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Elevate your dealership’s performance to new heights with M5 University, the industry-leading online training platform for automotive excellence.

Our comprehensive curriculum, meticulously crafted by industry veterans, empowers every team member – from service advisors who captivate customers to porters who orchestrate a seamless service drive experience. Dive deep into best practices, master communication skills, and build confidence with rigorous evaluations that certify competency.

M5 University isn’t just training, it’s a strategic investment in your dealership’s future, unlocking exceptional service, soaring customer satisfaction, and a sustainable path to profit growth.

Contact us today and unleash your team’s full potential.

Our current course offering

M5U 01a

Part 1 of the Service Advisor Certification Series is titled “Prepare for the Guest” and discusses the importance of preparation when working with guests. It delves into all areas of preparation.

M5U 02a

Part 1 of the Best Practices for Group Leaders discusses the crucial qualities of a great Group Leader.

The Seven Controllables of Service Department Profitability

Ditch the service bay doldrums and ignite your profit engine!

Unlock the secrets to skyrocketing customer loyalty, soaring labor sales, and a bottom line symphony with “The Seven Controllables of Service Department Profitability.” This industry-veteran guide empowers you to transform your technicians into profit-generating stars, unearth hidden service opportunities, and forge unshakeable customer trust. Say goodbye to profit drains and hello to a service department that sings! Claim your copy today and orchestrate your profit revolution!

The Seven Controllables of Service Department Profitability

DiSC Classic Profiles

Tired of service bay standoffs and wrench-wielding misunderstandings?

DiSC Classic Profiles harmonize your fixed operations, tuning technicians, advisors, and customers into a cohesive profit-generating orchestra. Uncover the hidden melodies of each DiSC style – Dominance’s (D) driving ambition, Influence’s (i) persuasive charm, Steadiness’ (S) reliable rhythm, and Conscientiousness’ (C) meticulous precision. Turn friction into trust, confusion into clarity, and service bays into profit centers.

DiSC unlocks the language of success – conduct your team to a symphony of customer satisfaction and watch your bottom line soar. Don’t just manage, orchestrate! Get DiSC Classic Profiles today.

DiSC is the secret sauce for a harmonious, high-performing service department.

DiSC Classic Profiles

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