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financial visibility of your fixed operations at a click of a button!

ROSE+ is  a highly detailed Repair Order survey and evaluation software platform that will allow you to see all aspects of your financial data.

Our cutting-edge software seamlessly integrates with major DMS systems to deliver a 360-degree analytical view of your service department. Get real-time insights into the metrics that matter:

Pinpoint Strengths and Weaknesses in Advisor Performance

With visibility into individual service advisor KPIs like repair order closure rates, and RO value, easily identify high performers for praise and mentoring opportunities for improvement.

Spot Hidden Opportunities in One-Item Repair Orders

Missed add-on sales hurt your bottom line. Our software instantly flags one-item repair orders so you can rapidly uncover missed revenue opportunities.

Test Pricing Strategies for Maximum Profit

Easily model different pricing scenarios to predict impacts on profit, volume, and customer retention. Confidently optimize your labor rate, parts margin, and discounts.

Motivate Teams with Real-Time Performance Visibility

Lack of clear metrics and goals hinders success. Our real-time dashboards enable transparent performance tracking against objectives to motivate continuous improvement across individuals and teams.

Savvy Advertising Targeted to Your Customers

Wasted ad budget hurts ROI. Our location-based analytics show exactly where your highest-value customers originate so you can optimize spend by reinforcing the most fruitful channels and territories.

With data-backed insights replacing uncertainty, take your service operation’s performance, efficiency, and customer experience to new heights. Schedule a demo now to learn more!

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