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ROSE+ Is The Hottest Thing In Fixed Operations!


When you are talking about a Repair Order Survey & Evaluation (ROSE+), the answer is simple. There are countless ways ROSE+ can help to increase your Effective Labor Rate (ELR), raise your gross profit, and your gross profit percentage, as well as increase your maintenance sales and productivity. You are probably thinking, “This sounds too good to be true—where is the catch?” Well, there really is none.

Any Service Manager that has conducted a Repair Order Survey knows that they learn a lot of valuable information from looking at a sample of ROs. So why don’t we do them more often? Well, the bottom line is, it takes WAY too long!!! ROSE+ is a tool that can sort through ROs in no time at all and can break down any information that you want to see. Let’s look at some reports and decide for yourself if this information is valuable or not.

Scenario One: Sort by ELR – Sort by Repair order to find the best range for rate increase analysis and spot check for pricing deviation.

02 07 24 01

Scenario Two: Overall analysis of your department—this report shows you so much. Many people like to print per advisor weekly and share the data with advisors to help coach their sales performance.

02 07 24 02

There are so many different types of reporting tools available to you with ROSE+ that the list seems endless. One-stop report for everything fixed operations. Many GM’s and Retailers love this reporting system as it helps them truly see where they are doing well and have challenges.

If you’re interested, you can sign up today to purchase or upgrade.

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