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    Our personal experience in coaching fixed operations professionals gives us unique perspective. We work with service operations that range from 3 technicians to more than 150 technicians. Our client list spans the industry from individually owned dealerships to large, private, and publicly held operations. We serve as project managers with most of the major OEM brands.

    Recalls – A Blessing or a Curse?

    It seems that lately I have been hearing from a lot of service managers that they are flooded with recalls and are just simply unable to conduct business in the professional manner that they would like to. Many have told me that they are simply too busy or that they have too much traffic. As I visit stores, I am seeing this first hand. I have seen customers waiting for extended periods of time to… Recalls – A Blessing or a Curse?

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    Let’s Talk Menus

    Managers, when is the last time you watched and listened to your service write-up? If you hear the advisor asking the customer “Would you like to rotate your tires while we are changing the oil?” If the customer says, “No, just an oil change,” you have a huge opportunity in your service department. During my travels this year it has amazed me how many stores have gotten away from using Service Menus. I don’t know… Let’s Talk Menus

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    Empowering Your Employees – The Group Thing

    Every other week we’ll “Flashback” to an early article that we’ve run in the past. This article originally ran on 08/27/14 Something heard way too often in the dealership environment is “Nothing I say or do will change anything around here.” These employees don’t necessarily hate their job, but don’t exactly care for where they work there is a difference. These employees are probably not going to help day- to-day issues, or help to build… Empowering Your Employees – The Group Thing

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