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M5™ is a performance improvement coaching firm that specializes in advancing fixed operations of auto dealerships around the world. Our website is a great venue to view our company’s goals, objectives, and philosophy in serving our clients.One of our main goals is providing state-of-the-industry ideas and techniques enabling our clients to advance their level of performance in fixed operations. Be sure to visit "Meet Our Staff" to view our greatest asset: our people! Our professional team knows how to effect positive change and they do it with a high level of passion and enthusiasm.

Tip of the Week: Increasing Effective Labor Rate

In this series we give you small tips to improve your Fixed Operations department.

Four Ways to Score Higher Fixed Operations Profits

Lee Newsletter PicI love Alabama football. Like a lot of people in my home state, we watch it throughout the season and cheer ’Bama on.

Coach Nick Saban has done an outstanding job with the team. So what does this have to do with fixed operations? It’s the attitude that he develops in his players that we can learn from.

He speaks about the “the process of winning” built on basic fundamentals: Do your job. Finish the play. Dominate your opponent. Don’t look at the scoreboard, because if you are successful at the fundamentals, the score will take care of itself.


Tip of the Week: Free Code Scan

In this series we give you small tips to improve your Fixed Operations department.

Whether You Believe You Can, Or You Can't - You're Right!

Charlie Newsletter Famous words from the late and great Henry Ford. For most of us who have been on this earth for a while, who have experienced a phenomenal amount of change in technology, this statement rings so true. People of our generations believed that they could store huge amounts of information in computer chips made from sand (silicon) and guess what? They did!  Essentially, every record known to man has been broken. Why? Because people believed that they could.


Tip of the Week: First Impressions are Everything

In this series we give you small tips to improve your Fixed Operations department.

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