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    Our personal experience in coaching fixed operations professionals gives us unique perspective. We work with service operations that range from 3 technicians to more than 150 technicians. Our client list spans the industry from individually owned dealerships to large, private, and publicly held operations. We serve as project managers with most of the major OEM brands.

    6 Tips to Becoming a Better Manager

    We’ve all worked for “That Boss”, you know, the one that walks in and slams his or her office door with not even a simple hello or greeting. The “Boss” that’s quick to beat you over the head when something goes wrong. He or she jumps to conclusions without getting all the facts, and let’s face it; we’ve all made that mistake before. You swore you would NEVER become that person, but it is easy… 6 Tips to Becoming a Better Manager

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    The Easy Button

    Customer retention has been a major focus of the automotive industry over the past few years.  Dealerships and the manufacturers have come to the understanding that if they are going to thrive in the market they need to keep the customers they have.  The challenge is that our customers have more options now than ever before when it comes time to getting service on their vehicles. So how do we keep them coming back, time… The Easy Button

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    Managing Fixed Operations Assets – Part 3

    This is Part 3 in a three-part article. View Part 1 & Part 2 Maintenance and Use of the Vendor Pricing Guide – The parts department should be the sole purchasing agent for the dealership. Write a purchase order (P.O.) for each purchase prior to ordering. The parts department should confirm the use of the proper vendor and include the current price from the Vendor Pricing Guide. Too often, use of purchase use guidelines are… Managing Fixed Operations Assets – Part 3

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