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    Our personal experience in coaching fixed operations professionals gives us unique perspective. We work with service operations that range from 3 technicians to more than 150 technicians. Our client list spans the industry from individually owned dealerships to large, private, and publicly held operations. We serve as project managers with most of the major OEM brands.

    WAKE UP!!!

    “We open at 7:30 in the morning and take our customers first come, first serve.” Have you ever heard that? Chances are, you have. We should have retired that phrase 15 years ago but, unfortunately, it still happens! So, your customer, who needs maintenance performed on their vehicle, has two choices. They can get to your dealership at 6:30 in the morning to avoid having to block traffic in the boulevard in front of your… WAKE UP!!!

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    Well Begun is Half Done

    I often recall my first automotive electrical troubleshooting class and the effect it had on my philosophy on the importance of starting things off on the right foot. We were working on the scenario of a short in the ignition control module wiring. The instructor advised us to gain a clear understanding of all circuits, connectors, splices, fuses, and wires associated with the component prior to attempting any repairs. He cautioned us to first determine… Well Begun is Half Done

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    There Is No “I” In Your Team

    What is a Team? A group of people linked in a common purpose. A group does not necessarily constitute a team. Teams typically have members with complementary skills and generate synergy through a coordinated effort which allows each member to maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. Ask Yourself “Do We Have a Team?” One of the challenges facing managers today is finding team-oriented employees. Normally when a manager hires an employee they most likely… There Is No “I” In Your Team

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