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M5™ is a performance improvement coaching firm that specializes in advancing fixed operations of auto dealerships around the world. Our website is a great venue to view our company’s goals, objectives, and philosophy in serving our clients.One of our main goals is providing state-of-the-industry ideas and techniques enabling our clients to advance their level of performance in fixed operations. Be sure to visit "Meet Our Staff" to view our greatest asset: our people! Our professional team knows how to effect positive change and they do it with a high level of passion and enthusiasm.

Tip of the Week: Courtesy Inspections for Every Customer?

In this series we give you small tips to improve your Fixed Operations department.

Empowering Your Employees - "The Group Thing"

David Dietrich NewsletterSomething heard way too often in the dealership environment is “Nothing I say or do will change anything around here.” These employees don’t necessarily hate their job, but don’t exactly care for where they work—there is a difference. These employees are probably not going to help day to day issues, or help to build business for the future.  This is exactly why employers cannot afford not to have their employees more involved in the operations of their facilities.


Tip of the Week: Are Your Customers Complainers?

In this series we give you small tips to improve your Fixed Operations department.

6 Tips to Becoming a Better Manager

Jim Welch NewsletterWe’ve all worked for “That Boss", you know the one that walks in and slams his or her office door with not even a simple hello or greeting. The “Boss” that’s quick to beat you over the head when something goes wrong. He or She jumps to conclusions without getting all the facts and let’s face it; we’ve all made that mistake before.  You swore you would NEVER become that person, but it is easy to get caught up in our daily duties and forget that our people are watching our every move. You don’t want to come across as unapproachable or even worse, arrogant. Recent research has shown that 86% of employees believe that they would be more productive if they liked their manager. Below are 6 simple steps that can be taken to become that likeable and more approachable manager.


Tip of the Week: How Well Do You Train Your Service Sales Professionals?

In this series we give you small tips to improve your Fixed Operations department.

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