Your Job is Not Just Completing Tasks, It’s Leading People

The role of a dealership and department managers has changed drastically over the past 20 years. Many of the day-to-day tasks of the “Manager” have been computerized, providing you with an instant overload of information never before available on such short notice.  Now that you no longer have to accumulate this data, you have been given the task of interpreting it and effectively communicating this information with those around you.  This change now means that you must be highly skilled in interpersonal communication and human relations if you are to get your job done effectively.

These changes require that you no longer manage, but that you lead. When asked what they do, many managers most often give the description of their job as a description of technical tasks.  They speak of the many projects they have going on, or the tasks they are in charge of, or the processes they are involved in.  Very seldom do they say that they are responsible for leading people.

If you take a look at your position description, you can bet that more than 90 percent of the duties listed deal with technical tasks, and that the people-related items that are listed concern hiring, firing, and discipline. If we are to succeed at streamlining and growing our businesses, we must change this mindset.  We must view our managers as leaders of people and describe their responsibilities in terms of growing and developing their people.  At a minimum, 50 percent of a department manager’s position description should address interpersonal communications and human relations.

The key to the success of your business lies not in its equipment.  Your competition has, or could have if they choose, the same equipment.  The key to your business’ success does not lie in your product or processes, either.  While all of these are important, they mean nothing if your people do not behave in a manner consistent with the results you desire. Your managers must build and maintain behaviors in your people that drive your success.  To do so, they need to understand how to lead.

Leading in Today’s Environment

The average human being has a vast reservoir of untapped potential.  Research tells us that the average person uses less than 25 percent of their potential.   Research also tells us that human beings like and want to work and look toward their place of work to fulfill their personal needs.  Why then are we not able to tap into that 75 percent of unused potential, thus garnering the best quality and the greatest quantity of production possible?  The problem is a lack of motivation. Keep in mind that the solution lies in finding ways to motivate people.

No one person can motivate another.  He or she can only create an environment where people are motivated.  All motivation comes from within the person.  To be a successful manager, one must determine how to provide opportunities for fulfilling such individual needs as self-esteem, recognition, and challenge.  They must help those people they lead satisfy their needs, thus creating motivation, while helping achieve the organizational goals of improved productivity and improved profits.

Your managers need a motivational technique or process that allows for that unique motivating factor or factors of each person, to be satisfied through the company’s success. That process involves developing attitudes.  Positive attitudes of taking responsibility for my own success, my own destiny, are critical to realizing one’s potential.

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Written by Julian Armijo –

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