Would You Treat Your Mother That Way?

Bruce NewsletterIt still amazes me how some employees treat their customers in service environments.  Some talk down to customers as if to say “I know everything and you know nothing”.  Some pass customers in the hallway or service reception area as if the customers were not even in the room!  Others, when asked where the restrooms are, would point to the door and say “through there”.

To help your staff realize how customers might perceive them, have them perform this exercise at their next weekly training meeting (assuming you have regular training meetings).  Give them each a sheet of blank paper and ask them to draw a very large cross on the paper.  On the top left side of the cross write “THE BEST”.  On the right side have them write “THE WORST” as in the example below.








In the left column have them write down five (5) particular businesses by name that they like to do business with and give them two (2) minutes to make the list.  Ask each of them why they like to do business with that company and list those items on your white board or flip chart.  Now, ask them to write down in the right column five (5) particular businesses by name they do not want to do business with in the future and give them two (2) minutes to make that list.  Now, list those companies and why they would not do business with them again on your chart.

More than likely you will find the reason they do business with a particular company has more to do with customer service than money.  My bet is the majority of the reasons in either column do not mention money.  Would you have guessed that?  Most staff feel customers don’t return to them due to price.  You probably proved that wrong in the above exercise.

Hopefully, they will ask themselves which column their customers place them on if these same questions were asked.  My question to them is “How would treat your mother?”


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