Whether You Believe You Can, Or You Can’t – You’re Right!

Charlie Newsletter Famous words from the late and great Henry Ford. For most of us who have been on this earth for a while, who have experienced a phenomenal amount of change in technology, this statement rings so true. People of our generations believed that they could store huge amounts of information in computer chips made from sand (silicon) and guess what? They did!  Essentially, every record known to man has been broken. Why? Because people believed that they could.

 When I was in high school, one of my teachers told us that automobiles would become obsolete by 1994 due to strict emission standards. We now even have zero-emission vehicles. Why? Because the engineers believed that they could. And fortunately, because other people believed that you could store lots of information in “sand”, it all came together.

 So, what do you and your staff believe?

 In my travels, I so often meet service consultants that believe because they have been very successful for so many years; there is no need to change. Or worse yet, feel that they are not capable of changing. As a result, our customers receive the same old service that they have been getting. The problem is, our world has changed and our customer’s expectations have changed. In an age where I can track a package all the way across the country, via internet, why can’t my service advisor tell me what time my car will be ready? There are ways to resolve this. Many people believe that they are too old to learn new ways. The reality is we are never too old to learn, if we believe we can. I also hear managers say: “My advisors are not good, but I can’t find any good ones.” Where are you looking and do you believe that you can’t find better ones?

 As much negative internet publicity, manufacturer pushback and lost customer trust that “chemical dependent” (flushes) service departments have faced in the last few years; many dealerships still believe that the financial opportunity is worth the risk. Dealerships that reduce their “chemical dependency” seem to improve their actual presentation of repair opportunities. Were these opportunities overlooked when it was easy to sell flushes?  This would seem to be the case. So the question is: “Do you believe that you can, or believe that you can’t?”

 Technicians are very difficult to hire and retain, but is it impossible? While most of us will agree that it is a challenge, I find many managers that have created and executed great plans to hire, train and retain technicians. What is the major difference? They believe that they can!

As the late Zig Ziglar always said: “Give yourself a checkup, from the neck-up.” What do you believe? Challenges create opportunity. Sometimes you have to step away from current reality and ask yourself: “Does it have to be this way?” Great things are possible if you believe you can. Sometimes you may need a little help or just an outside perspective. We’re here for you.

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