Where Do You Sit?

bob kellerman newsletterWhere do you sit? I am sure this newsletter may not make me popular with some managers but the truth is sometimes hard to swallow. Service Managers have lots of tasks they have to perform every day, they run reports, they track Sales, Gross, Hours, ELR, CSI, ect. ect. They do payroll, They Interview prospective employees, sometimes they deal with the drama of the existing employees, and they deal with Issues between Sales and Service, they deal with issues between Parts and Service and on and on.

 But do they spend time on the drive meeting customers? Listening to the advisors? Time in the shop with the techs? Reviewing repair orders for quality of write up? Looking at how dispatch is being done? Reviewing the Multipoint Inspections done by the techs, looking at the vehicle’s that we are working on? Do they listen to how advisors greet customers? How the advisors perform a walk around write up?

 How the advisors recommend and sell work, I could go on and on, my point is can you run a service department from an office or a computer? I believe the answer is NO.

 It’’s hard to deal with all the responsibilities the Managers have, no question about that.

 As I visit dealers around the country I find some managers who work from an office all day, maybe an occasional walk through the department.

 But it’’s clear the ones that spend time in the middle of the process are the ones who are most successful. I am not saying don’’t do the paperwork or review the numbers but plan your day in a way to be able to be a presence in your department. I am not recommending moving your office to the service lane but how much real time do you spend there?

 A successful manager is a trainer, a coach, and a quarterback and to be in the game you need to spend time on your field.

 You truly can’’t effectively run things from an office or a computer, Remember how you got where you are. In many cases you were the spark that got things going, You were the Advisor, Shop Forman, Tech that made a difference by how hands on you were. Are you still that spark? Don’’t lose focus.

 Know what’’s going on and be in the middle of the play as often as you can.

 Sit on top and stay on top. Good Luck and Happy growth.

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