What is going on in Service? Is it ROSEs?

We have several financial Key Point Indicators (KPI).  We use a DOC throughout the month to determine sales, gross, hours per repair order, and effective labor rates, but what tool do we have to really drill down when we see these KPI off our target?

In the old days, the Dealer would tell the service manager to pull one hundred customer pay repair orders per advisor and determine what is going on.

Does your service manager have time to review hundreds of repair orders and keep up with all the day-to-day service manager tasks?  Does the manager look at the repair orders from a neutral position?  Do we hope the manager is looking through each repair order daily to determine rates are correct, the repair order has been maximized, and that no maintenance or repairs have been missed?

Well, you may or may not know that we can review all repair orders using a tool we call ROSE (Repair Order Survey & Evaluation).  ROSE pulls data from your DMS and sorts it so we can use it as a tool to train, coach, and hold our employees accountable on their effects to maximize every opportunity.

Here are the reports we can review:

Customer Pay Overview is a quick way to see Hours per Repair Order, Line per Repair Order, One Line Repair Order %, Maintenance %, CP Effective Labor Rate, Effective Labor Rate Maintenance, Effective Labor Rate Repair, Repair Grid Utilization, Menu Opportunities, Average Mileage and all the Parts and Sales information on your repair orders.

Sales Analysis Summary breaks down Labor Sales, Parts Sales by Category, Flat Rate Hours by Category and Customer Pay Work Mix by Repair and Maintenance.

Maintenance and Repair Operation codes can be viewed as a group to determine Effective Labor Rates by operation code.

Customer Pay, Warranty and Internal Reports can be viewed for repair order count and rates.

Customer Pay Target Markets can be identified by zip code, repair order count and Sales.

Users can look at all one-line repair orders by advisor by employee number.

Menu Items Summary allows the manager to review each Menu being used in store and how effective they are on the drive. ASM and Technician Reports reflect sales salability.

When finding pricing deviations in ROSE, managers can pull up the repair order in ROSE and counsel the advisor on pricing policy.


Job List gives us the opportunity to look for missed price operation by repair order.

This tool has been a way for our Dealers, Fixed Operation Directors, and Service Managers to review repair order performance without wasting precious time on pulling one hundred repair orders and performing the hard task of determining advisor and technician performance. This is a low cost tool to insure your Service Team is doing what they say they are doing.

Written By Joe Carroll

Text, email, or call Joe Carroll at 504-415-0253, M5 Management Service, to set-up a “Go to Meeting” for a demo.  We should inspect what we expect and ROSE will do this very quickly.

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