What Do You Think of Your BDC?

Do you have a BDC (Business Development Center) or do you have appointment setters? It seems that a lot of dealerships have a misconception of a BDC. Each dealership we work with seems to have some form of a BDC. But it amazes me how little training this department has. Review the differences.

Appointment Setters:

  • Take inbound Phone calls
  • Set appointments for Service Advisors
  • Direct phone calls to the appropriate staff members


  • Set up service appointments using DMS
  • Track and regulate service appointments based on availability of technicians’ and advisors’ time
  • Balance appointments evenly amongst the dispatch method used in dealership
  • Coordinate and organize pickup and delivery appointments
  • Explain services due, including price and warranty information
  • Explain estimated time required for common service and maintenance requests
  • Perform all outgoing phone calls to alert customers of upcoming services, recalls, 1st service appointment, and previous recommendations
  • Record all appointment information in a very clear and concise manner with as much detail as possible
  • For any non-repair / non-maintenance concerns always document the information in the customer’s words and try not to interpret or shorthand the information
  • Contact customers to let them know that any special-order parts have arrived, setting up installation appointments when necessary
  • Follow up with all missed customer appointments
  • Answer phones, return calls, and direct calls to the right person
  • Complete certification pack paperwork
  • Follow up with customers to resolve any issues had with service appointments
  • Contact customers to collect email addresses through the Call Center (Service/Sales)
  • Contact customers regarding “we owe” items per sales
  • Order parts and set up delivery of “we owe” items
  • Follow up with customers after completion of vehicles: print previous day’s list, call and/or email customers to ensure visit was smooth and successful, call customers who were unable to rate their visit as exceptional on their exit survey.

If you are looking to take your dealership to the next level then reviewing your structure in this department is high on the priority list! The BDC, in my opinion, is the front line of your business. They are the ones who are setting the expectations of how you do business. Too many dealers look past this department and provide little to no training. And most of your service advisors are looking at this department as a big hurdle in the day-to-day operations. For example, if you ask your advisors, “What do you think of the BDC department?” 8 out of 10 will respond with an answer that states they make my job harder, not easier. Next question is always “Why?” “Well, because they are setting a false expectation to the customer.” I know this is not the intention of this department. Then I must ask, “What do you think of your BDC/Appointment Setters?”

If you are having trouble answering this question, then please contact us at M5 Management Services, Inc.–where we believe there is always another opportunity to improve!

Written by Justin Beauregard

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