The Value of a Thank You

Jerry Wakefield Newsletter In today’s world we all know the value of thanking our customers for their business. What about our employees? I know they all should know what their job is, and what is expected of them. We as managers should not have to thank someone for doing their job, and that we pay them to do it. Isn’t that enough? No it is not! I have seen, and been a part of several ESS’s (Employee Satisfaction Survey) what I saw during these surveys is that yes money is always a factor, but most employees would just like some recognition that they are doing a good job (AKA) a Thank You.

Is it worthwhile to thank an advisor how they took great care of Mrs. Jones when she might have been completely out of her mind? Is it worthwhile to thank a porter who went through the shop and cleaned up around the techs tool boxes? Absolutely! Our staff, be it advisors, techs, porters, cashiers, and probably countless others in the store are extensions of us as managers. We ask them to take care of our store, and our customers the way we would if we were in their shoes. However we seldom think of what it takes to be in their shoes, and the difficulties that come with their job. Now I can tell you from personal experience that saying thank you to employees shows appreciation to them, and it can have an enormous effect on their job performance. All of sudden the employee will be looking for things to do. Go above what their job description is to impress me. Let’s face it most people associate good job performance with advancement, and pay increases.

Will a few more “thank you’s” to your employees motivate them to do a better job actually work? Try it I know it works for me.


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