The Importance of a GREAT MPVI (Part #2)

Tom W Newsletter The MPVI is now in the hands of the technicians. How important is their role in performing a great MPVI? It is vitally important. The problem is, most technicians do not understand the importance of their role.

If a technician pencil whips the form, any value that was gained by the service advisor’s walk-around will be lost. If the technician gets grease all over the form, do you think the customer is going to look for grease on his or her vehicle as well? Do you think the customer is going to feel that you just don’t care? What about the notes that can’t be read?

It is time for the technicians to take pride in their role of a great MPVI!

The MPVI is not only a value-added service that you offer your customers, but also a significant sales tool. The key is that you are now basing your selling on an inspection. Consider Mrs. Jones, who needs front brakes. When the service advisor calls Mrs. Jones, he reminds her of the inspection process they talked about previously. The service advisor will then explain to Mrs. Jones that Joe, the certified technician working on her vehicle, has looked at her brakes and it is his and the service advisor’s recommendation that the front brake pads be replaced. I call this inspection selling. You are selling something based on the certified technician’s inspection. It adds a great deal of credibility to the sale.

To continue, how important is the technicians’ role in a great MPVI? It adds credibility and gives the service advisor additional selling tools to get the job sold. Oh, by the way, when the service advisor sells the job, the tech produces more hours.

There is one more step to a great MPVI. Without this step all the hard work that you and the technicians have done to this point will be for nothing. The service advisor MUST review the completed MPVI with the customer during the redelivery process. If you do not review this with the customer, all value is lost. This step in the process does not take long, but it is so important. This is the time for the service advisor to create the relationship with the customer that will keep them coming back to your service department. DO NOT skip this step!

Start today and make every MPVI a GREAT one. Not only can it put more dollars in your pockets, but you will also gain customer satisfaction and customer retention as well.


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