The Best of the Best

Do you wonder what it is that sets apart the best dealership service departments from the rest? There are thousands of dealership service departments and tens of thousands of different practices. So, what makes the most successful dealerships, well, “Successful”?


Successful dealerships have created processes that drive the culture of the entire service department.  This guarantees that the customer will be talked to and handled in the exact same way regardless of who they speak with. Processes that set minimum acceptable standards and then they execute on those processes.


Dealerships that are successful always have the latest tools and have a staff that is trained to use them to their full potential. These dealerships keep up with the times and utilize the latest technologies to enhance the customer experience. They do not hold back due to the cost of an item as long as there is a proven return on investment. And an enhanced customer experience is always a return worth the investment.


This is one of the most underutilized practices in the industry. Successful dealerships have some type of rewards system for their customers that drives the dealership’s repeat business. The structure of the most successful programs rewards better customers with better rewards. This is usually done in leu of sending out massive coupon campaigns and offering massive discounts to random customers that are just there for the “cheapest oil change in town”.

Follow Up

The best of the best follow up. Not only do they execute the process of effective Multi-point inspections, but they have processes in place to ensure that every declined service is offered a second opportunity to complete the necessary services. They have tracking systems and use the best technology to ensure no one slips through the cracks.


To successful dealerships, Training is a part of their culture. Most have certification programs that they require every employee, from porters to cashiers, to advisors and technicians, to complete and maintain through the entire time they are employed. Constant training is achieved by setting expiration dates on all certifications and these dealerships also solicit outside training sources to ensure the message and keep training up-to-date and fresh.


Communication is a key part of any business and almost always the major cause of failing departments. Successful Dealerships overcome this by having strategic and consistent standup meetings daily, 15-minute weekly tracking meetings, hour long monthly review meetings, as well as bi-annual or annual progress and forecasting meetings. They conduct monthly individual meetings with each employee to review their individual performance and what they are accountable for and that they are on track with their performance to meet established goals.

If you and your team have the desire to become the best of the best, let me help you gain traction on getting there. Contact me at any time, and we will put a plan in place that will set in motion what it takes to become “The Best of the Best”!!!!!

Written by Julian Armijo

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