Succeeding As a Service Advisor – Part 1

This is Part 1 in a two-part article. Be sure to check back next week for Part 2.

 It All Begins Here

“Don’t give me that attitude!”  Ever heard that?  Or, “You need an attitude adjustment.” I can’t count the number of times someone has spoken these words to me, and they quite obviously refer to a bad, or negative, attitude.  The perception of someone having a negative attitude in the workplace can be detrimental.

Succeeding as a Service Advisor (and in life in general) is largely determined by how others perceive you in your personal interactions with them.  Most of us are simply one of many and to achieve what people regard as “success” means trying to please most of the people most of the time.  Not doing so usually results in being labeled a failure, or even a rebel or outcast.  This brings with it a negative attitude and all the unhappiness that society can unleash.  In our culture, we expect many different things to create “warm and fuzzy feelings” from others and it can get very demanding, especially as a service advisor.  Most people expect some the following personal characteristics and qualities from others, and especially from those serving others:

  • Is trustworthy, honest
  • Caring of others
  • A good listener
  • A top performer
  • A healthy skepticism, not cynicism
  • Has Integrity, do what you say you’ll do

What others desire comes from a way of thinking, and it all begins with a person’s attitude!

 It’s Your Choice

It’s a proven fact that the wrong attitude is the basis of failure, unhappiness and involuntary employee terminations.  In the service department, all the experience, training, coaching, supervision and even pay plans are worthless without the right attitude.  More people find themselves in an unhappy job because of the wrong attitude than for any other reason.  This is a shame, because everyone has the power to have a positive attitude.  Attitude is a CHOICE people make.

Attitude comes from within a person.  No one person can give another attitude.  People make choices every day to be positive or negative in response to the challenges that work life presents.  Attitude is really the only thing over which we, ourselves, have complete and total control.  As humans, we have the power to make choices every day.  Choices to make the best of a given situation, enter into a mode of personal suffering, or be happy or angry.  Some people seem to be born with positive attitudes (and at times, may make their co-workers wonder about their sanity), but the rest of us have to work at being positive all the time.

 Let’s Get Positive

The first step to developing a positive attitude is to recognize that it’s a challenge. Most people who have negative attitudes have them for a reason: it’s easier! The next big hurdle is making a deliberate effort to change and not give up. It can be, for many, a big challenge to develop a positive attitude. But remember, you have a choice, and choosing a positive attitude leads to success!

Continued next week in Part 2!

Written by Paula Bliss

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