Stinkin’ Thinkin’ Always Gets Stinkin’ Results

mike stallings newsletter When I get to my destination for work every week, I acknowledge that I have 5 days to execute my mission and transform the workplace into a more efficient and lucrative business. To do this in such a short amount of time requires a lot of preparing, and planning on my part; not just on what I am implementing, but on my attitude towards the managers and technicians whom I deal with daily. As you might imagine, on Monday mornings, the workers I deal with are not overly excited about me implementing a new system into their department. A great attitude is naturally contagious to almost anyone. My attitude towards people has everything to do with my effectiveness in how I interact with anybody, whether they are customers, friends or family.

Conveying your attitude is simple, and can be done in many ways and it all starts with a smile. It is a privilege to solve problems for customers and they should be able to detect that we see things this way. Not only must I be positive, I must be a leader and believe in what I am doing. As I always say, “to be convincing, you have to be convinced yourself”. Expressing these intangibles to anyone, whether they be workers or customers can be the deal maker or breaker. Having such a short window of time with each group of people has certainly solidified my belief that every day is an opportunity for success, and that my attitude has to be the strongest link in order for the process to go smoothly and effectively.

Next time you are worrying about the schedule or the next report due, stop and ask yourself, how is my attitude going to be tomorrow? Going through the motions without passion and a positive attitude will not yield desirable results.


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