Repair Order Analysis Made Easy!

How long did it take you to perform? How much information did it give you? Did you ever wonder if there is a better way to gather this information and even more? Here it is!!

Everyone who uses Rose loves it, that we already know!

How well do you utilize the entire program?

Be sure to set your goals in the program and measure performance each day. What we don’t measure we can’t improve. Give each of your advisors a target to hit and coach them on it daily. You may surprise yourself as to how effective measuring and coaching works for you with this program.

I’ve never advocated a manager sitting behind a desk all day running reports and sending them off to the “powers that be” in triplicate. This serves no purpose. What does serve a purpose is measuring and coaching your staff to get the results you desire. This is where Rose comes in. Run Rose, share your results and do what you do best-loving your customers and coaching your staff. Build relationships and lead!

Before you know it, your numbers start to increase. Competition is sometimes good in both customer service and sales environments. We can effectively and ethically increase our sales by measuring our performance and setting goals to achieve that performance.

Many of my clients use the customer list to follow up with their customers. This is a quick and efficient way to obtain that information to follow up and address any issues a customer may have right away.

Too many times we run reports because that is “what we have to do” and we don’t share the information we have to coach our team. We encourage you to share all that Rose has to offer!

The best way to improve performance is to share information with your staff. Everyone wants to know how they’re doing and Rose can provide this information in one quick and easy report

Explore – There are many reports to look at.

My suggestion is to read and learn the Analysis Summary page before you go any further. There is a wealth of information on this page, as well as a lot of needed info for your Key Performance Indicators.

Other good information in the Rose report includes but is not limited to:

  • Overall summary of performance
  • Breakout by advisor or tech
  • Breakout by group (select the advisor and each tech in the group)
  • Drill down by ELR and sort lowest by highest (look for pricing deviations)
  • Drill down by Repair Order
  • Repair operations
  • Maintenance operations
  • Marketing (lists customers, address, phone and email for follow up and marketing)

There are many reports and combinations you can explore. This is a “no brainer” for any store who wants to track and coach on the performance of their staff.

Best Practices for Manager

Print your Rose Report daily – look for pricing (ELR, Grid, Maintenance rate fluctuations and address them immediately – if they know you’re looking, the violations will usually go away). Run Rose on Monday morning for the Advisors for the previous week. Attach their individual Analysis Summary along with each other advisor’s individual summary and a total summary page. Make sure each advisor has an entire packet, so they can see their performance and can compare their performance to others. This is a great way to coach each advisor and create a friendly atmosphere of competition. Don’t just toss the reports on their desks but go through each page with them and make sure they understand what the numbers mean. Knowledge is power. Advisors cannot improve if they don’t understand where they are and where you want them to be. There are also opportunities to use this report to spiff Advisors on specific categories, such as effective labor rate, grid utilization and menu closes. Look for incremental increases week over week and let them know that by measuring performance we are putting ourselves in a strong position to identify and improve aspects of our business.

Written by Joe Keagy

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