Recruiting Technicians

by: Paul Berman

We all know that finding and hiring Technicians these last few years can be like herding cats!  Finding Technicians can be very difficult if not …downright defeating.  But hey, stay fully engaged and keep plugging away!  Don’t just wait until someone shows up or the phone rings.  Hope is not a plan; it is a wish!  Yes, it will cost time and money. Do you have an HR department?  Are they fully engaged or are they going about business as usual?  The HR people have a lot on their minds, not to mention other department job openings, payroll, training benefits, etc.  It seems like a never-ending and vicious circle.  Technicians all have jobs but like most people, a hand full of technicians in your area are frustrated and are thinking about making a change.  Spend some extra time and effort and you might improve your odds of running into a technician or two.  It also will benefit your department to have job postings everywhere you can think of and then a few more. Follow these easy tips and stay determined!

Social Media

This is an excellent way to find Technicians.  It’s like fishing, cast your net out wide and you will come up with something!  This may take more than a few job postings, but stay determined.  Ask your Service Advisors to help post something on their social media website.  Maybe your marketing department can come up with a marketing image for recruiting Technicians like the ones above or something similar. Social media is a great opportunity because it relies on your relationships with other people to entice candidates. I know you and others have been on the job at some point, so leaning on the people we know can make the difference. Relationships matter greatly in finding a job!

Job Boards

Find multiple Job Boards, don’t just rely on Indeed or Hireology. We all know these are a good source, but the invoices add up quickly.  It is also proven that candidates will not apply to a job that has been posted out there 30, 60 or 90 days in the same place. In addition, your posting will sink to the bottom of the listings then slip into the big black hole.  Pull the posting and repost it.

Unique Postings

Have you thought of things about it from the potential candidate’s perspective?  Mix it up a little and do something unique.  Here are some hints…

Do you have any of the following currently?

  • Bad Managers?
  • Poor working conditions?
  • Very little benefits
  • Very little or no time off?

We want Technicians who are sick of their present working conditions!
What are you waiting for?  We offer tours and interviews anytime!
We are looking for a positive, passionate person with skills.

We offer:

A large multi-bay shop
New Service Advisor write-up area
New large show floor
Service Advisor support available
1.0 million in parts inventory with a 92% fill rate
Family owned and operated business


Full-time positions
401k Retirement plan
Paid vacation after one year of employment
Deep employee discounts on service and parts
Paid training in town and out of town

Get out of the shop and network

You can’t sit back and wait for Technicians to come to you.  You’ve got to get out there and hustle.  Let’s not just post an ad, attend job fairs at your local Technical College. Connect with your local Technical College or various local high schools and ask them what is the next date for a job fair.

Employee Referral Program

Some of the best candidates are lingering within your employee’s networks but you’ll need their help to reach them. To encourage your team to reach into their networks, create an employee referral program.  While $500 – $1,000 might seem like a steep price to pay for referrals, it will save you a lot of time, energy, and money recruiting candidates outside your networks

Make Your Shop a Place Technicians Want to Work

Do you have a clean shop with organized equipment?  It’s not all about money!  Automotive Technicians want to be respected.  Too many shops treat technicians like second-hand citizens.  Take a walk through your shop and see what you think and try to be objective. Is it clean and organized? Also, create a culture where everyone  including technicians know they are a valued member of the team. Recognize them and post their accomplishments on Facebook or your website.  Most of the younger technicians are looking for more flexibility like alternative work schedules. For example, 4–10-hour days opens up opportunities for multiple days off in a row.

Veteran Friendly Work Environment

First things first, do research and learn how to become a veteran-friendly employer with resources like and SHRM. Once you understand the basics, you may consider partnering with organizations that help place veterans and build military-friendly workplaces, such as BRK Strategies, the U.S. Department of Labor, and Recruit Military. Lastly, don’t limit your job postings to LinkedIn and Indeed or Monster. Break outside of your network and incorporate military job boards into your recruiting strategy like Hire Heroes USAHire A VeteranMilitary Hire and Hire Veterans.

Google Recruiting

73% of job searches begin on Google, making this platform a must-have asset for your recruitment strategy.  Google’s Job Search tool is a great way to get your job posting in front of candidates before they click through to a website or job board.

When you have some time, reach out to me, and let’s come up with some ideas together.  Don’t just rely on your HR department.  Waiting for 1 or 2 fresh candidates may not float to the surface quickly enough. Most of all, consistency and determination will beat all odds!  Get your shop name out there. This concern will not go away on its own.  Please dig in because you might find a diamond in the rough sooner than expected.

From a complete Service Department Assessment to targeted Classroom Service Advisor Training options, I am here to assist you with all of your Fixed Operation improvement custom-tailored to your specific needs. For more information feel free to contact me anytime at (651) 755-1073 or

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