Let The Light Shine In

Adam Wright NewsletterThere are many ways to track service advisor sales performance.  Some of the basics include total sales, labor sales, labor gross, total hours and hours per repair order.  The reports are always there to show how much an advisor has sold for a given time period, but how do you know what they aren’t selling?

The best way is to do a repair order survey.  Get a big stack of repair orders and dive in.  This process can be time consuming but will yield some excellent information that will help manage your team more effectively.  Not only will you have another way of looking at sales data but also get access to the much harder to track information on what missed opportunities are out there.  During the survey you can collect information on individual and group closing ratios on all additional service recommendations.

Is there an advisor who technicians complain doesn’t sell?  Now you will be able to address the issue with data to back your decision making.  Does the individual in question need additional sales skills training or are they maybe not getting the same number of sales “ups” or opportunities from their group of techs?

Do you have an advisor who lags in terms of effective labor rate?  With the completed survey in hand you will know their personal maintenance to repair ratio.  A high maintenance ratio relative to the other team members will typically lead to a lower effective rate.

The time spent will also give you information on other areas such as signatures on repair orders, email collection rate, complimentary vehicle health inspections being skipped or left incomplete and the current average age and mileage of the vehicles coming through the service drive.  A good repair order survey is well worth your time.  Ask yourself when was the last time you performed one?  If it’s been awhile why not open the shutters and let the light shine in on your service department.

For more detailed information or help with issues you find during the survey, give me a call.  My mobile is 407-221-8974 or email me at adamwright@m5ms.com.



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