JD Powers and Associates’ CSI Survey and the “WOW” Factor Factor

Tom W NewsletterJDPA is getting ready to send out their annual CSI survey in a few quick months. Will your brand measure up? In recent articles, I have stated how important a good “meet and greet” is to set the tone for a great service experience, and how a proper “post-service delivery” will set the tone for future service visits. Both of these steps are an important ingredient in obtaining great CSI scores. But how do you really “WOW” your service customers?

  • You “WOW” them by exceeding their expectations! Here are some ways to exceed your customers’ expectations.
  • A simple handshake can mean a lot. Firmly grasp the customer’s hand and pump twice. Look into the customer’s eyes. This is especially true for any female customers. It shows respect.
  • Explain your dealership’s amenities, free Wi-Fi, coffee service, water (by the way, a free bottle of water doesn’t cost any more that a free cup of coffee), TV, etc.
  • If the customer is waiting, walk them to the waiting area. Point out where the coffee is and offer to pour them a cup. Show them where the restrooms are, etc.
  • Are you washing the customer’s vehicle? Most customers’ today do expect it.  This is another great opportunity to “WOW” your customers. Make it a policy that when your wash person brings the clean car up to the customer, that they thank the customer for their business. Imagine the customer’s reaction to the wash person thanking them for their business.  
  • If you really want to make a lasting impression, put a cold bottle of water in the cup holder. This is a really big hit if the weather is hot like it has been this summer. If you want to take this up another notch, check with a local bottler to see if they will put your label on the water bottles. Now your customer is “taking you home.”

What is most important is to make sure everyone in the dealership understands the importance of thanking the customer for their business. There is a simple rule; it’s called the 10 foot rule. If any employee is within 10 feet of a customer, they MUST acknowledge the customer. A simple “Hi.” “How are you?” Or, “Do you need any assistance?“ is all it takes.

These are just a couple of ideas how to increase the “WOW” factor during the customer’s service visit. I am sure every one of you can think of a few more for your dealership.  Remember, the JD Powers’ survey will be dropping shortly and NOW is the time to start increasing your “WOW” factor.

If you have a great idea that you use to “WOW” your customers, drop me an email and tell me about it. I would enjoy hearing your ideas.

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