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Have you ever considered why you choose the same companies to do business with?  We tend to go to the same hair dresser, restaurants, and grocery stores. Well, it’s because we as consumers are choosing to work with companies that are easy and comfortable to do business with. In the dealerships across the country that I visit, I see the amount of time we spend on our internal processes of making sure our employees understand the service visit expectation and not enough time preparing the customer for what to anticipate during their visit. I believe to grow your business through marketing a what-to-expect video should be shared with new clients.  We need to invest more time in setting the expectation for our customers before they arrive for their appointment. For example, videos detailing specifically what to expect on your first visit would allow the customer to arrive with a sense of what your company is about and the level of pride you take in working with your customers. This approach could be presented on your dealerships social media, appointment reminder emails, as well as your company website. This method could include directions to your location, time expectations of the services they are coming in for, and amenities available to customers choosing to wait for their service. And more specifically to include:

  • Where to go upon arrival to the dealership
    • Follow the proper signs
  • Service drive (pulling all the way forward)
  • How we greet customers
    • Do you greet your customer at the vehicle?
    • Does the customer come inside to the Service Advisor’s desk?
  • Who the appointment is with (picture of employee)
  • The time needed to properly review the service visit
  • What services you offer
  • Transportation that you offer

This strategy’s purpose is to ensure that all the customers’ needs are met and any questions they have about their visit are addressed up front.  This is a way for your Service Advisors to start building the relationship with the customer prior to meeting them.  The goal is to make the customer feel comfortable before they step foot in your dealership.   In doing so, we give the opportunity to our customers to know what to expect and feel comfortable before they even come into the store.  I know you have had that customer walk through the door that has driven around your parking lot 2-3 times just to find a parking spot and then walk inside and the advisor say, “You can just pull through these service doors next time you come in.”  The customer is thinking to themselves, “Why didn’t someone tell me this before I just wasted 20 minutes trying to park my vehicle?”

We at M5 understand that you take care of your customers to the best of your ability. I believe we can always improve any process, big or small. For more information on improving your business please contact us at

Written by Justin Beauregard

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