Facebook and Fixed Operations

Should dealerships use Facebook in their Fixed operations?  The answer is an unequivocal Yes!

The “new customer” has grown up with the internet as a big part of their life and most use Facebook and expect to find every business on it. Did you know that Facebook has 517 million users and is still growing? Is there any doubt you MUST have a Facebook presence?

Each user on Facebook is only 6 people away connecting from anyone in the world. So how do you use this tool to grow your service customer base?

Here are 10 ideas how to use Facebook to improve your business.

  1. Create a Fixed Ops Facebook page
  2. Have a dedicated person to post information a few times a day such as
    1. Daily specials – hourly for the slow days
    2. Knows issues with vehicles such as open recalls
    3. Did you know info. Such as towing requires additional services
    4. Features of doing business with your dealerships fixed operations
  3. Ask customers to become a “fan” and make they understand what they will get for becoming a fan such as discounts.
  4. Ask customers to like “you”.
  5. Give your staff access to Facebook and encourage them to view postings and “hunt” for business.
  6. Provide the ability to set an appointment via Facebook.
    1. Facebook users don’t want to call your store.
  7. Have a Customer Relations Hawk monitoring and addressing customer concerns.
    1. Quickly respond and correct customers concerns
    2. Remove derogatory or inflammatory posts
  8. Use Facebook to improve the way you do business.
    1. Post polls based on the Manufacturer CSI surveys.
      1. Use the information to make the changes your customers want.
    2. Post questions on different topics and make it fun give away prizes such as free oil changes for answering the question correctly
    3. Ask for referrals
    4. Post the rave revues over and over to attract more customers
  9. Share your community involvement on your page.
  10. Link to other sites that promote the dealer
    1. Twitter
    2. Dealer rater
    3. OEM site
    4. Dealer service site

Remember for each user who “Likes” you, becomes a fan, answers a poll or posts a comment they are also telling their friends. The average user has 359 friends and as you can see if doesn’t take long to get the word out to thousands.

What is the future of Facebook in the dealership?

Well as the current generation continues to mature into car buyers and service customers we can only expect that Facebook and other social media will play a substantial role in the dealership fixed operations interaction with current and future customers.

How are you going to adapt to serve these customer?


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