Dealership Etiquette Check List

dave-allen-newsletterOver the last few months I have been in a large number of dealerships throughout the country; some of the dealerships are in up to date facilities and others are in need of a refresh, especially the service and parts departments.
I am not going to address the short comings of these facilities, but I am going to talk about how the dealerships’ employees should perform around customers and their fellow employees.

  1. Always speak to a customer if you are within ten feet – “Good Morning” or “Good Evening”.
  2. Open all doors for customers including building and vehicles.
  3. Allow all customers to precede you through doors; hold the door and wait your turn.
  4. Use “Please,” “Excuse me,” and “Thank you” a lot, and always thank them for their business.
  5. Do not chew gum if it is possible to be seen by a customer and never “smack” gum or blow bubbles.
  6. Do not smoke anywhere around the dealership where you may be seen by the customers.
  7. Never use chewing tobacco or snuff on the job.
  8. All calls must be answered before three rings or go to the operator. Only put customer calls into voice mail if the customer agrees to having the call put into voice mail.
  9. Always address each customer as Sir and Ma’am.
  10. Do not talk on the phone when customers are waiting.
  11. Only make personal calls in an emergency; make all other calls during breaks or lunch.
  12. Always return the customer’s car to them after they are in for service.
  13. When talking or listening to customers, always look them in the eye.
  14. Give your customers your full attention when they are speaking to you.
  15. Ask all customers if they would like to have a soda, coffee or water.
  16. Help all customers that look confused or seem to be looking for someone.
  17. There is no place in a dealership for foul language or off color jokes.
  18. Make sure there are no suggestive pictures of any type anywhere in the dealership.
  19. Do not wear body-pierced jewelry or any type of excessive jewelry that is visiable at any time other than earrings, and even some of them can become safety hazards for technicians.
  20. A dealership is not a place for provocative clothing.
  21. Shoes with holes in them are not suitable to wear in a dealership.
  22. Clothes with holes are not suitable in dealerships.
  23. Do not scratch in inappropriate places.
  24. Personal cleanliness and grooming must be maintained in dealerships (this includes all employees); even though some positions are dirty jobs, the employee must start the work day clean.
  25. Keep your personal work area free of clutter and clean.
  26. All vehicles are to be driven with caution and at a slow speed on the dealership property.
  27. Leave the customer’s radio on the station it was on when the customer brought the car into the dealership.
  28. Do not change the seat or mirror settings, unless it is unsafe to operate in the original position.
  29. Never eat or drink in a customer’s car.
  30. Do not use a customer’s car to run errands.
  31. Return the customer’s vehicle as clean as or cleaner than when it came in.
  32. All personal cell phone should be turned off at the work place during working hours.
  33. Be slow to criticize and quick to compliment.
  34. The work place is not a place to lose your temper.
  35. When you are wrong, admit it, and apologize when you owe an apology.
  36. Always give more than you are asked to give.
  37. Do not respond to rudeness with rudeness.
  38. Nice people do finish first.

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