Preparing New Advisors

Written by Joe Keagy | 267-897-5364 | | How often do we have an employee not last an entire year? I’ve found that in some cases we haven’t given that employee the proper training. I’ve also found that many employees received little to no feedback on their performance. As a young service advisor in the 90’s I found myself frustrated by this also. Rarely did I receive feedback on my performance unless it was… Preparing New Advisors

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Are We Ready?

Written by Ruth Tomczyk | 305-389-2586 | | The current situation regarding the COVID-19 outbreak is scary.  Travel bans, shutdowns, and closures have us reeling.  How do we cope?  How do we help our people deal with the unknown and the fear that is all around us?  I am not a health expert or scientist.  But to me, the first order of business is this:  Don’t panic. Take actions to protect yourself, your employees… Are We Ready?

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Employee Morale and Performance

Written by Julian Armijo | | 505-991-3296 Having visited many different dealerships from very small to very large in the past few years, and having come from a relatively large dealership myself, the subject of employee morale comes up more often than not. In some instances, management brings it up, while in others, management is unaware, blinded, or in denial that there is even an issue. One thing is for sure, low employee morale… Employee Morale and Performance

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Are You Asking For The Referral?

Written by Kemp Evans |  | 205-603-1996 One of the best and most often overlooked ways of growing one’s business is to ask your current customers if they would be willing to recommend your staff and dealership with their family and friends. The sales departments have been doing an exceptional job in this area for decades. Still, most service departments neglect this resource and either sit and wait for their business to come to them… Are You Asking For The Referral?

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Fixed Operations Plan For The Next 10 Years

Written by Ashley Murray | | 321-693-7480 My job as a fixed operation consultant is to help clients work to be better now and in the future. As a consultant I analyze dealerships’ current processes and how to improve them and their financial structure. Often, a dealer has fallen under the curse of the death plan which states: “This is how we have always done it.” As you can guess, times change and the… Fixed Operations Plan For The Next 10 Years

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Replicate in Service What Works for Sales

Sales is a different world than service at a dealership. With that acknowledged, there are certain things I think service departments can and should replicate for one big reason – those practices are time tested and flat out get results. Let’s look at a handful of ideas service managers can borrow from sales. Daily kick-off meetingsThe kick-off meeting is a long-time ritual in sales. Every morning, in or near the showroom of nearly every car… Replicate in Service What Works for Sales

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