Customer Communication Convenience

In today’s busy world, we need to be prepared to communicate with our customers as efficiently and effectively as possible, but more importantly, the way they prefer to be communicated with.
We all know to ask customers for a preferred number to reach them at, but how many of us ask if they prefer to be contacted via text? Not only do millennials and the younger generations prefer text as a method of contact but so do many people of older generations.

An efficient texting option will not only make it easier to communicate with your customer, it will also:

  • Cut down on phone calls which are often inconvenient and disruptive for the customer
  • Allows you to text customers pictures, updates, and quotes
  • Stores your text messages for records and points of reference for both you and the customer
  • Provides an option for customers to pay via text
  • Automated texts can inform customers when their Special-Order Parts have arrived
  • Automated texts can allow for follow-up and survey info

Better communication will contribute to:

  • Happier, satisfied customers
  • Better informed / fewer misunderstandings
  • Increased CSI, customer retention and profits

In this electronic age, text messaging is currently one of the best options for communicating with most of your customers. If you are interested or have been looking into texting and want to learn more about better ways to communicate to your customer, give us a call. Our experienced and professional consultants can assist with suggestions, best practices, and implementation. We will be happy to work together to select the best texting options that fit your needs.

Written by Bill Durham

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