CSI Sandwich

by: Paul Wisner

Have you ever had a great sandwich? Some of us visit a great sandwich shop or deli consistently, to buy that great sandwich. Or have you ever had a great burger? Think about it, you always remember great food. What makes that great sandwich or burger memorable? I will submit, for your consideration, that the bread (or bun) can make it stand out. Anybody can just throw some cold cuts of meat on a bun and call it a sandwich. Consider how a great sandwich looks, good looking bread, quality lettuce, the best choice of meats, and a premium spread.
So, what does a great sandwich have to do with customer service?

Imagine great customer service being BUILT like a sandwich. The top layer of bread, choice meats in the middle, and a great bottom layer of bread. In other words, many layers/factors go into making a great customer service experience… you know, the CSI sandwich.

So many of us concentrate on the meat in the sandwich. But remember, there is more to it than just the meat. Quite often, we think to improve customer service, we need to concentrate on training service advisors. Don’t get me wrong, caring, professional, attentive, and well-trained service advisors are extremely important. But there is so much more that goes into earning good CSI results.
Consider the other factors that go into making the complete customer service experience. Consider the other PEOPLE that are part of customer interactions.

Does your service department have a greeter, porters, or valets? If so, what type of training have these people received? These folks are the first people our customers see and talk with. How are your porters dressed and do they all use a standard greeting? The first impression is so vital to the customer experience, but we typically do not put much emphasis on it. Well, I should say that we do not spend much time training the position. Does your dealership have a specific greeting process and word track? Have your porters been trained on how to handle certain situations or how to answer questions? Think about it, most fast-food restaurants spend more time training their front counter people than we spend training our front-line employees.

Now, let’s consider the last piece of bread. The delivery, the last part of the customer experience. I will suggest that this piece of the puzzle is discussed in most dealerships, but not truly trained. This piece is so critical. All customers remember the delivery. So many factors go into this. Who does the final paperwork and takes payment? How about reviewing the repair order and the MPI? Walking the customer out or bring their vehicle around? Is the final delivery performed the same way every time?

Having written processes for customer greeting and delivery can make a positive impact on your CSI results as well as purposeful and consistent training of the personnel. In other words, two great pieces of bread can help your dealership make a great CSI sandwich.

M5 can assist you with building a great CSI sandwich. We provide solutions and training for all aspects of your service department; including all of your ‘customer-facing’ personnel. Now we also offer some brand new remote, computer-based training for porters and service support personnel.

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