You Can’t Coach From The Locker Room!

M5-Newsletter-LogoHeaven only knows how many balls a Service Manager has to juggle each day, all day, to get the job done!

They have to monitor department performance and tweak as needed, deal with individual customer issues, factory issues, equipment issues, training schedules, merchandising, employee issues, so on and so forth. Sometimes though, we can lose track of the forest through all the trees.

In the quest for Customer Retention, however, we must never forget that the most important responsibility we have is to be with our customers. You just can’t manage effectively from your office. You should plan your day so that during the peak hours you can be in the drive with your customers and advisors. Your customers have to know you! You have to maintain a presence that enables you to meet and greet your customers; get to know them and them you. Talk to them! Be there to jump in and contribute. Lead and support your advisors, direct traffic, whatever it takes to serve your customers.

You also need to hear how your advisors interact with your customers. Are they treating them the way they should be? Are they meeting and greeting customers immediately upon arrival? Are they performing an effective walk-around? Are they talking maintenance, and are they “selling” the Multi-Point Inspection process to each and every customer? If you don’t have the time to do this then you must make the time!

Delegate some of your daily tasks if you have to, to be able to, be out there. You’re the manager but that doesn’t mean you have to do it all, you just have to get it all done. Remember, your primary responsibility is to be an effective leader! Train team members to perform some of the mundane tasks that have to done on a regular basis and then you review the results and respond as needed.

Try it, you’ll enjoy the results and the fringe benefits.


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