What’s the Best Tool in Your Service Department?

davis-williamsMany dealers across the country spend thousands of dollars on tools and hire technicians with large tool boxes with thousands of dollars of tools in them. The manufactures send the dealers thousands of dollars of required special tools that are required to work on a specific model vehicle. Dealers also spend lots of dollars on DMS computer software each month.

So what is this tool that I am talking about? It is the Multi Point Inspection process. This process is one of the oldest and under used processes in a Service Department. And it’s mostly over looked or not utilized to its capacity. The process has remained the same.

Do you know why?

Because it still remains the Number One Tool a Service Department has to ensure excellent service to the customer. It works for the customer. The process makes sure that the customer gets a safe and reliable vehicle. They will receive an accurate report on each visit which is important for the customer.

As I have seen in Service Departments this process is not followed accurately due to either the lack of training, or proper execution. Technician’s don’t document properly, guess at the actual results of the vehicles, or recommend flushing fluids instead of performing the accurate inspection. The Service Advisor fails to advise the customer of the free Multi Point inspection or if it was completed they fail to go over it when the customer is leaving.

I am on an airplane 2 times a week and every time I get on the plane the Captain does his complete walk around and thorough inspection process. The flight attendants do the same regimented process of emergency exits and seatbelts announcements. So why would you not want your Service Advisors and Technicians to do the same process over and over accurately each time a customer brings their vehicle into your Service Department?

This process will yield you a loyal customer even if everything on the vehicle is in great condition. It will provide you increased opportunity to sell additional labor and parts. It also provides you an opportunity to follow up and build a lasting relationship with your customers.

The days of relying on the big 30k, 60k, 90k and flushes are going away as manufacturers build better vehicles with longer lasting fluids and parts. So why not keep your customers in your Service Department by implementing a regimented Multipoint Inspection Process? Focus on the Cabin Filters, Air Filters, Wiper Blades and Tire Rotations etc. These items are low cost and this will build confidence with your customer each visit so when this process yields brakes, tires, or a major repair you will reap the benefits of the profit.

So as we start 2013 off implementing the lowest cost tool you have in your Service Department- the Multi Point Inspection Process!


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