Recipe for Success

Tom W NewsletterI am not a big cake eater. But when I do indulge, I enjoy a nice piece of carrot cake. Maybe it’s because I don’t feel so guilty. C’mon, it’s carrots. Right? What goes in to making a carrot cake? The following are the ingredients you need to make a good carrot cake: sugar, vegetable oil, eggs, flour, baking soda, salt, cinnamon, carrots, and walnuts. For the frosting, you will need sugar, cream cheese, vanilla extract, and margarine.

Now that you know the ingredients, do you just throw them together any way you want? Obviously, the answer is “no”. You have to follow a specific recipe. By following the recipe, you will successfully bake a great carrot cake.

What does baking a carrot cake have to do with your Fixed Operations?


Your Service Advisors may have all the ingredients they need to be a good Service Advisor, but if they don’t follow the recipe; a “Customer Interactive Process,” then how can you expect them to be successful? The “Customer Interactive Process” is the recipe and needs to include the following:

  1. A good meet and greet: “Welcome to the dealership.” “I can help you.”
  2. Active listening to the customer’s concerns
  3. Restate the customer’s concerns in your own words
  4. Get a verbal commitment from the customer that you understand their concerns
  5. Explain the MPVI process and complete the walk around
  6. “W$W” What you will be doing; How much it will cost; When it will be done
  7. Establish a contact time and method
  8. Obtain the customer’s authorization to move forward with their service
  9. Help the customer with any needs, ie: transferring items to a rental or loaner vehicle, escorting them to the waiting lounge, getting them to the shuttle, etc.
  10. Thank the customer for their business

By establishing this “Customer Interactive Process,” you have now developed a “Recipe for Success.”


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