Post-Service Delivery

Tom W NewsletterIn my last article, I wrote how the “meet and greet” sets the tone for the entire service experience. Today I want to write about how to set the tone for future service experiences.

It begins with a proper post-service delivery of the vehicle back to the customer.

What is a proper post-service delivery of the completed service vehicle back to the customer? It certainly is not telling the customer to go see the cashier to pay the bill and get their keys. A proper delivery means a complete line-by-line review of the repair order. Explain, in detail, what work was done to properly service the customer’s vehicle.

By reviewing each line on the repair order, you are adding value to the customer’s service experience.  It is important to explain all of the charges as you review each line. By explaining the work performed to address the customer’s concern, you are building value and justifying the cost of the customer’s repairs. Studies have shown that when the perceived value matches the cost of the item, customers know they made the right decision to buy their service from you.

After you have completed reviewing the repair order, it’s time to review the MPVI. Even if you have spoken with the customer earlier about the MPVI, it is a good idea to go over the form again. This step is very important to customer retention. Let the customer know what is good about his or her vehicle by reviewing all of the green items first. Hopefully you have previously discussed any red items. This is the time to start building future service business for yourself.  Thoroughly review any areas on the MPVI that have been marked yellow. Please do not try to intimidate or scare your customer. Be a true consultant and educate your customer on why the item was marked yellow. Explain what needs to be done and offer a couple of alternatives, if necessary. Whatever you do, ask to set up a future appointment to address any yellow items.

Now it’s time to walk the customer over to the cashier, introduce the customer to the cashier and thank the customer for their business. I have seen many service advisors who, at this point, are more focused on making sure the customer fills out the survey “completely satisfied” than they are on making a good post-service delivery. If you have followed these steps for delivering the customer’s vehicle back to them, they will be “completely satisfied”.

Don’t tell the customer to be “completely satisfied”, make the customer “completely satisfied” by executing a great post-service delivery.

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