MPVI and Flat Rate Technicians

george goldberg newsletterAs far back as I can remember (even more so since I’ve been a service consultant and coach) I have always wondered why some flat rate tech’s have such heart ache about performing an MPVI. For years the hand written MPVI was used primarily by advisors at write up for recording any body damage and maybe selling some wipers or noting an expired state inspection sticker.

Fast forward to present day:

The MPVI has time and time again been proven to be one of the most effective tools at the service departments disposal and in some cases it is not being used, and in other cases not being used correctly.

We now have the advantage in most dealerships of having an electronic version of the MPVI. It is initiated by the advisor during the write up process and then completed by technicians by the simple click of a few buttons and some simple typing when prompted by the form to do so. So what’s the issue? The issues in their mind with using the MPVI that tech’s have shared with me over the years are as follows:

  • It takes too much time
  • We were not trained on how to use it
  • Why should we fill it out, the advisors never sell anything anyway
  • And my favorite “who’s going to pay me to do it” or “if I’m not getting paid to do it I’m not doing it”


Why would you not want to do an MPVI if you were a flat rate tech? And why doesn’t the service mgr. enforce it? I have asked that question dozens of times and never get a straight answer. If you think about it for a moment, if a tech used the time he spent complaining about doing the MPVI, it could have been done already.

What I do witness at times is that a tech that normally won’t do an MPVI will do the MPVI if the shop is slow and he needs hours. In my mind we need to focus more attention on the proper usage of the MPVI and not let techs or advisors for that matter, pick and choose what vehicles will get the MPVI and what vehicles will not get the MPVI.

Think about this for a moment, we always know what we are selling in service, but the fact is we don’t always know what we are not selling in service. Is the MPVI when used properly not a perfect tool to track that?

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