It’s Your Choice!

Tom W Newsletter As human beings, we have a power that many animals don’t. That is the power to make choices. The good news is we have this power; the bad news is we have this power. Every day we have to make hundreds of choices. The important thing is to make the right choices.

For this article, I want to discuss three of these choices. These three choices can make all the difference in how you make the hundreds of other choices throughout your day.

The first is the choice of attitude.

Your attitude is a habit of your thought; it is predetermined and it is proactive. The only difference between a positive and negative attitude is your personal choice.

When you walk into the dealership in the morning, how is your attitude? Are you looking forward to the day, or are you already in a negative mood? As a service manager, your attitude will be on display as you walk through the shop. As a service advisor, your attitude will be reflected in the way you treat your customers. As a technician, your attitude will be noticed by all the other techs and can be reflected in the quality of work you perform.

It’s your choice. Consciously start each day with the choice of a positive attitude. The more you work at this, the easier it becomes until it becomes a great habit.

The second choice is the choice of action.

Yes, your action is a choice. You have the power to choose the way you work. It’s not how much you do, but the effectiveness of what you do that counts. We have all seen the worker who seems to be so busy, yet at the end of the day has produced very little. Sometimes the busyness is a smokescreen. What we really have each day is a choice of being busy or being efficient. Every service manager, service advisor, and technician, needs to make the choice to be effective.

The last choice is the choice of accountability.

This is not about being held accountable for your actions by the management of the dealership. This is about you holding yourself accountable for your success. Your success is not the responsibility of the dealership. Your success is your responsibility. Holding yourself accountable to your own success standards will determine if you are successful. As a service manager, you need to hold yourself accountable for the profitable running of your department. As a service advisor, you are accountable for the quantity and quality of the repair orders you write and for the satisfaction and retention of your customers. As a technician, you are accountable for the quality and quantity of repairs you make to the customer’s vehicles. You also need to be accountable for a great MPVI. When you perform a great MPVI, you are not only building value for the customer, but you are also building the service advisor’s confidence to sell the service you have recommended.

So, the choice is yours. Everyday choose your Attitude, your Action, and choose to be Accountable to yourself and to your dealership.


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