Get Off the Bull!

Charlie Newsletter An executive and amazingly intelligent friend with one of the major manufacturer describes an average service manager’s life best: “The typical service manager arrives to work at 6:30 or 7:00 in the morning, climbs on the bull, feet in the stirrups and shouts: “Open the doors!”, then at 5:30, climbs off and says: “Whew, what a day!” This lifestyle is a perfect example of insanity: Doing things the same way, expecting different results.


The issue is: Process Consistency! We implement great processes, but we miss the most important part …follow up!

The key to successful process implementation is a check and balance system. If you can’t measure the results and hold people accountable, don’t waste your time. Remember the saying: “What gets measured gets done.” When you implement a new process, implement a measuring process. When all of your processes have good check-and-balance processes, and you adequately manage the results, say goodbye to the bull.


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