From the Mouths of Babes

george goldberg newsletterIn my years of experience in Service Departments, and more so in the past eight years as a Consultant, I have heard some very interesting things that have come from the mouths of Service Advisors when communicating with a customer.

Some things not so nice, some things very sincere and caring as it relates to making sure that we go the extra mile and do the right thing for our customers. We have, always as Managers and Consultants, driven home the importance of taking care of the customer and always doing the right thing for them.

But what has always stuck with me are some of the things that I have heard Advisors say to their customers (or heard of being said). Whether it is intentional or not, whether it was due to a lack of product knowledge, lack of training or simply them not even realizing what they are saying.

So with that being said, I want to share with you some of the things and or sayings I have heard or have been told about over the years.

  • Some of the fluid in your vehicle does “anticipate” over time
  • The fuel leak was causing the “fumigating” smell
  • That is a “nuroneous” code
  • It’s a half a dozen or one or the other
  • Your vehicle is as “quiet as a whistle” now
  • These aren’t normal spark plugs, they’re “funky plugs”
  • There are “follicles” in your oil
  • It may end up costing you more or a little less
  • You’re not going to beat that price anywhere, even by a mile
  • It’s not common but it happens a lot
  • The coils may have a domino affect
  • We can’t communicate with the vehicle, we’re at the mercy of the PCM
  • I only heard what I overheard about your vehicle
  • I don’t know if what you’re asking is “fusible”
  • Is that a “fairable” question?
  • I don’t think I’m trying to “beat you around the bush”
  • I don’t know any more than you don’t

The Point:

Do we take the time to listen to conversations between our staff and our customers?

This is a very easy thing to overlook as Managers because, quite simply, we just don’t pay that much attention to our people when they are engaged in conversation with our customers. The assumption most times is that if there are no complaints or issues from our customers that everything is fine. This maybe so, but are your Advisors saying the right thing? Are they product knowledgeable? Have they been trained on how to properly communicate verbally with your customers? Do they know how to properly present an estimate to the customer?

We owe it to ourselves and our customers to make sure that we are confident, knowledgeable and consistent in our conversations with our customers. A good way to start doing that is to just listen…

On the lighter side:

The above list was just some of the things that I have heard being said or have been told that were said. And by all means, my intention here is not to make fun of anyone. But if you think about it, haven’t we all at some point in our careers over heard an Advisor or someone in Service or Parts or even Sales say something to customer and you go “whaaaat?” or “huuuuh?”

The point is that in a sometimes very stressful industry such as ours it’s nice to sometimes be able to have some fun while were doing it and even get a giggle out of it at times.

By the way…

I bet you that at this very moment you’re thinking of something you heard someone say or may have said yourself that relates to this article… just sayin’.


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