Can’t Was Killed in The Battle of Try

Anytime I hear the word “Can’t” I am reminded of two famous quotes from a couple of people who have had a profound influence on my philosophy. One is attributed to Henry Ford, who proclaimed: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.”

The other is from “Liz” Sergent; a veteran of the “Battle of Try”, who personally witnessed the demise of “Can’t” and would swear to it anytime myself, or any of my eight siblings would feel compelled to utter the word!

That said, it’s no surprise what comes to mind when I hear any of the following:

  • “I can’t find any Technicians”
  • “I can’t find any good help”
  • “I can’t find anyone who wants to work”
  • “I can’t get them to do walk-arounds”
  • “I can’t get them to record lost sales”
  • “I can’t get my Advisors to offer additional services”
  • “I can’t, I can’t, I can’t”

What if you eliminated the word “can’t” from each of the scenarios and replaced it with “can”?

  • “I can find Technicians!”
  • “I can find good help”
  • “I can find people who want to work”
  • “I can get Advisors to offer additional services”
  • “I can, I can, I can”

What if you “tried” something new such as:

  • Job fairs
  • Recruiting ads that appeal to our audience (not ads we think sound good)
  • Soliciting, and becoming active in: High School, College, and Trade School Automotive Programs
  • Piggybacking dealership ads (online-print & televised)
  • Tool truck raffles
  • Peer-to-Peer Technician recruiting
  • Posters and Banner ads at the Dealership
  • Job descriptions and training

If you would like to enlist an ally in your battle against “Can’t” at your dealership, please contact me at 865-661-5019, or We offer a complete arsenal of “can’t” defeating weapons to insure victory!

Written by Gary Sergent

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